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T-Bod Fitness is a Private Personal Training Studio Experience.


Train at the affordable, peaceful, and clean private training

studio with T-Bod Fitness.


Meet Ty the trainer

Hi my name is Ty and I have made a career out of helping people achieve their fitness goals.


Personal Training is my passion, it is the job that when people say love what you do and you will never work a day in your life it is that job for me.

My training style is a strength training and or circuit style training that is accessible to all types of people from beginners to experts in the gym.

I specialize in body sculpting whether that is losing weight or gaining muscle or a little bit of both.

I implement consistent training and proper nutrition strategies to achieve a healthy fitness lifestyle, that can be used to improve confidence in everyday life, and to achieve the body, look, and ability inside and out my clients have always dreamed of.

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