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ty the trainer


"Consistency is key"

Training Education and Style

Hi I'm Ty I have been working in gyms and living the fitness lifestyle since 2005 and have been training clients full time since 2017. I am a CFT (Certified Fitness Trainer), CCES (Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist) through the International Sports Science Association, and also an Advanced Boxing Coach through the Boxing Fitness Institute. I also am proficient at habit forming and general wellness. My training style specializes in a mix of General Fitness, Strength Training, Cardiovascular Fitness, Mobility and Corrective Exercise, and Bodybuilding style training. Life is unexpected and I train


my clients to be able to expect the unexpected. So if you are just starting out or are looking to improve what you have already started with your fitness journey I would love to help you reach new heights and potential!

Finish Strong

"Finishing strong is all about learning how to live a healthy fitness lifestyle through consistency in the gym and at home. Working out does not have to be hard or even miserable, it just needs to be something you can do consistently. I live my life as a born again believer in Jesus Christ. My aim is to do my very best for Him by following His example and serving others. My aim is to do my very best with the time I have on this earth and finish this race of life strong. I  aim to teach my clients how to do this as well, to live their best and healthy life to unlock their potential and to


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