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Embark on A Fitness Journey Like Never Before.
What You Get
With this Special!
1 on 1 Personal or Group Training
Whether you are a beginner or have been at a gym on an off for a while. Ty the trainer will guide you through every workout and breakdown the exercises so you not only know how to do them but why you should.
My Fitness pal Coaching:
Weekly My Fitness Pal Coaching, Lessons, and Goals so that you can achieve your dream look and goals faster than ever!
Customized Routines
Monthly routines and training styles that best suit your favorite ways to workout and help you improve your quality of life!
Results Guaranteed
T-bod Fitness guarantees that as long as you show up you will have better strength, endurance, and increase to your fitness knowledge

15% OFF

Any Regular Session Package or Price

deal expires January 31st 2024
standard t-bodfitness package Availability and policies do apply. 

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